Calling All Tailors or Volunteers Who Can Sew Masks

Calling all tailors or volunteers who can sew masks. We are in need of a lot of masks for seniors & hospital workers. We had 4 local hospitals & several senior centers asking for homemade masks. We have the materials & even cut out (ready to sew) patterns. Thank you Theresa Nguyen & her friend!

Thank you so much to cô Thuỷ (70+ yrs old) (1st picture below) for sewing 70 masks for us in the last 2 days!

Thank you so much to chị Sương (2nd picture) for sewing 61 masks for us in the last 2 days as well!

Thank you chị Ngọc Hung Nguyen for shopping for materials and coordinating with these 2 amazing ladies to help us ❤️

Work-in-progress: Thank you so much to
Dr Krystal Hong Quyen Pham & her handsome son (Cinco) for volunteering to sew masks for us ❤️❤️❤️

Unfortunately, the masks shortage is a REAL problem! Many health workers have to re-use their masks for several weeks now and many seniors with health issues don’t have masks.

We were able to order 1000 masks from a store (thank you for the lead Quynh Nguyen) but supplies are limited😞. Thank you Amy Nitao for purchasing & will distribute them to the seniors.

NOTE: Cloth masks are far from an ideal solution but in desperation, it is considered something is better than nothing.

So if you can sew and can help, please let us know 🙏🙏🙏