Excelerate Capital donates $7,000 to the Flood Relief Effort in the rural highlands of Nam Tra My, Quang Nam.

Excelerate Capital Donated a Total of $12,000 to Tam Ky Project in 2020.

On January 28th, 2021, on behalf of Excelerate Capital, Tam Ky Project volunteers traveled over 10 hours on a road trip, to visit the children & the villagers of Tra Nam, Nam Tra My, Quang Nam.

This area was heavily damaged by the devastating typhoons in October.

Many have almost lost everything due to the flood & landslides, so we wanted to help them with their rebuilding effort. Excelerate Capital donated the below items:

  • 1,500 fruit plants including Mangoes, Jackfruits, Grapefruits & 500 bags of assorted vegetables seeds including Bitter Melons, Squash, Cucumber, Luffa Gourd for 100 families.
  • 20 breeding pigs for 10 families who live below the poverty line
  • 1 photocopy machine for the Long Tuc Elementary & Middle school. They used to have to drive for at least 25 miles to get to a location with this machine.
  • 100 m2 artificial grass for the playground of the Kindergarten in Long Tuc.
  • Treats including cookies & candy for 400 kids at these schools.

Thank you so much to Excelerate Capital for your generosity. You’ve brought warmth & smiles to hundreds of adults & kids at this rural village.



Trung Vuong Alumnae Association Donates $7,025 for Flood Relief Effort in Tra Bong, Quang Ngai

(11/24/20) – FLOOD RELIEF EFFORT IN CENTRAL VIETNAM (Tra Tay, Tra Bong, Quang Ngai)

Tam Kỳ Project volunteers represented by the “Trung Vuong Alumnae Association” (from So Cal, USA), visited and distributed gifts to 300 families in Tra Tay, huyen Tra Bong, Quang Ngai. Each gift included a big warm blanket (3kg), 10kg of rice, 1kg of dried fish, 1 liter of cooking oil, 1 liter of fish sauce, 1kg of sugar, and a raincoat. Each gift costs ~ $22, total of $6,600.

Tam Kỳ Project also donated $680 to fix the roof for a Kindergarten school in Tra Thanh, Quang Ngai. The school had lost the roof during the recent typhoon.

We also donated one ton of used & new clothes to these 300 families.

Quang Ngai was in the eye of the Typhoon Molave in late October. Thousands of houses & schools, etc collapsed or had their roofs blown off. They will need a lot of help to rebuild.

Total cost for Part 9 Relief Effort was $7,280.

Thank you so much to Trung Vuong Alumnae Association for your generous donation of $7,025 for this cause.

  1. Chị Vũ Ngọc Diệp (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  2. Chị Lê Minh Thu Cúc (TV 61-68) $ 100.00
  3. Chị Vương Đỗ Mai Phương (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  4. Quỹ Tương Trợ TV 60-67 $ 200.00
  5. Chị Lê Thị Lộc (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  6. Chị Nguyễn Thị Khương (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  7. Chị Nguyễn Thị Phương (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  8. Chị Nguyễn Thị Phúc (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  9. Chị Lê Diễm (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  10. Chị Lê Minh Thu Cúc (đại diện cho TV 61-68) $ 300.00
  11. Chị Tạ Bích Hà (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  12. Chị Vũ Thị Bình (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  13. Chị Vũ Mai Khanh (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  14. Chị Nguyễn Khánh Linh (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  15. Chị Trần Tuyết Trinh (TV 68-74) $ 25.00
  16. Chị Nguyễn Võ Thị Thơ (TV 68-74) $ 100.00
  17. Chị Vũ Thị Khiêm (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  18. Chị Trần Thu Hương (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  19. Chị Nguyễn Thị Văn (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  20. Chị Trần Thị Vân Anh (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  21. Chị Phạm Kim Lệ (TV 59-66) $ 100.00
  22. Chị Nguyễn Hồng Tước (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  23. Chị Lê Minh Phú (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  24. Chị Nguyễn Thuý Hoà (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  25. Chị Lê Tuyết Anh (TV 65-72) $ 100.00
  26. Chị Lý Nguyễn Thu Vân (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  27. Chị Trần Kim Thoa (TV 64-71) $ 200.00
  28. Chị Phạm Thị Hà (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  29. Chị Lê Thị Huệ (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  30. Chị Lê Minh Hà (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  31. Chị Phạm Ngọc Dung (TV 55-62) $ 100.00
  32. Chị Nguyễn Thị Nhung (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  33. Chị Trần Ánh Vân (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  34. Chị Mai Thùy Trang (TV 75-82) $ 100.00
  35. Chị Nguyễn Thúy San (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  36. Chị Trần Thị Hường (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  37. Chị Trần Diễm Khanh (TV 68-75) $ 100.00
  38. Chị Phạm Ngọc Dung (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  39. Chị Nghiêm Thị Hiếu (TV 55-62) $ 100.00
  40. Chị Dương Vân Thu (TV 53-60) $ 100.00
  41. Chị Tạ Minh Viên (TV 59-66) $ 100.00
  42. Chị Vũ Thị Ngọc Diệp (TV 67-74) $ 50.00
  43. Chị Nguyễn Vân Khánh (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  44. GS TV Nguyễn Thị Đức $ 100.00
  45. GS TV Nguyễn Kim Dung $ 100.00
  46. Chị Lê Tuyết Mai (TV 58-59) $ 100.00
  47. Chị Nguyễn Kỳ Dung (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  48. Chị Đặng Mỹ Ngọc (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  49. Chị Lê Ánh Thu (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  50. Chị Hoàng Thiên Nga (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  51. Chị Nguyễn Quỳnh Vân (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  52. Chị Nguyễn Thanh Hà (TV) $ 100.00
  53. Chị Lê Chang (TV 64-71) $ 50.00
  54. Chị Bạch Mai Nguyễn (TV 59-66) $ 300.00
  55. Chị Mai Khanh Lê Ngọc Phú (TV) $ 100.00
  56. Chị Vũ Kim Chi (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  57. Chị Nguyễn Kỳ Hạnh (TV 55-62) $ 50.00
  58. Chị Trần Minh Hà (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  59. Chị Lê Bích Thu (TV 57-63) $ 100.00
  60. Chị Nguyễn Thị Nguyệt (TV 59-66) $ 50.00
  61. Chị Nguyễn Phương Kim (TV54-61) $ 100.00
  62. Chị Huỳnh Hoàng Ánh (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  63. Chị Vũ Bội Tú (TV) $ 100.00
  64. Chị Nguyễn Tuyết Trinh (TV 54-61) $ 100.00
  65. Chị Đồng thị Như Ý (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  66. Chị Hoàng Lan Hoa (TV 66-73) $ 50.00
  67. Chị Vũ Bích Thủy (TV) $ 100.00
  68. Chị Đỗ Kim Toàn (TV) $ 100.00
  69. Chị Phạm Vân Bằng (TV 58-55) $ 100.00
  70. Anh Nguyễn Kim Chân (Thân Hữu-Lê Chang) $ 100.00

$ 7,025.00

Long Beach Police Officers Association Donation

Tam Ky Project has donated 1,000 fabric masks to the Long Beach Police Officers and their families today. They are so appreciative and want to collaborate with our charity for future community outreach programs.
They have 900 officers there!

Thank you @Tam Nguyen, President of Advance Beauty College – Garden Grove for donating 1000 gloves to LBPOA.

1st image below is a thank you text from Rich Chambers, President of Long Beach Police Officers Association.

And they posted a thank you on their FB right after we left.

Thank you again to all donors and all who have helped to sew our masks.


Our huge thanks to the Tam Ky Project non-profit organization. See their good work at tamkyproject.org.
Today, they provided 1000 masks to the POA office for our officers to use as needed. Wonderful people and great generosity.

Tam Ky Project đã ủng hộ 1,000 KT cho 900 cảnh sát ở thành phố Long Beach, California.




Riverside Community Hospital Donation

Tam Ky Project donated delicious dinners (Beef, veggies, salad & rice) made by Bleu Restaurant & Dancing Connie Nguyen, to 100 healthcare workers at the ER & ICU department at Riverside Community Hospital tonight.

We’ve also donated 1,000 fabric masks to them.

They are very appreciated of our gesture. Thank you to all donors for making this happened.


We wanted to send a special thanks to the ladies from the nonprofit organization, Tam KY Project, who donated 100 meals from Blue Restaurant to feed our staff. Everyone is so grateful for your generous donation, the delicious meals and acts of kindness. We appreciate all you did support our team.
Thank you!

Thank you our amazing volunteers Amy Nitao Theresa Nguyen for picking up food & driving to Riverside.


@Tamkyprojects @Bluerestaurant #communitystrong #COVID19 #thankful

Tam Ky Project has Distributed our First 1000 Masks Today

Tam Ky Project has distributed our first 1000 masks today. Thank you so much to Amy Nitao for donating 1000 gloves and delivered them along with 500 masks to the seniors & staff at Garden Park Care Center In Garden Grove, CA. She has also delivered the remaining 500 masks to CHOC Children Hospital in Orange.
Thank you all for donating and sewing masks.
We are sewing the next 1000❤️❤️❤️


Tam Ky Project’s COVID-19 Fundraising

In light of the devastating COVID-19 outbreak, Tam Ky Project had raised about $4,000 last week to help over 300 seniors and families who live below poverty line and being affected by Covid-19 in Quang Nam, Vietnam (many were due to job loss).

Now, we want to focus our effort on helping the seniors & the homeless here in Orange County.

Many seniors are terrified by this outbreak and feel isolated and many can’t afford food nor they can go to the stores. Some said they made it to the stores but there were no food left.

Many low-income families with young kids are living in motels or homeless shelters with limited food supplies and many of these parents recently lost jobs due to this pandemic including pregnant women with young kids.

They all rely heavily on local Food Banks to provide food and Food Banks are now low on supplies and asking for help with funding as well. We are teaming up with TongueOut charity, Dr Iggy Igette & a few other non-profit to fundraise for local Food Banks and homeless shelters.

In addition,we also want to fundraise for 200+ N95 masks (about $800-$1,000) to provide to our frontline health workers at local hospitals. There is a mass shortage of medical masks and many doctors and nurses that I know personally are reusing their masks and gloves.

If you would like to donate, please click donate button now. We also take Venmo or Zelle.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please see below for a few opportunities.

Please note that we take social distancing seriously so all volunteers will be guided accordingly to make sure we practice social distancing during volunteering service.
1. Face Masks making project. Amy Nitao is leading this project.
We’re seeking volunteers that can sew cloth masks and we will donate these to the local seniors. We’re planning to get the mask kits that being offered at Joann fabric stores. They offer classes that you can take online and do it at home so they are all CDC-compliant.

2. Food Distribution Project. Theresa Nguyen is leading this project.
Age requirement is between 18-62 yrs old.

Saddleback Church – this project will require 2 hrs of training. We will be distributing food to 350 seniors across Orange County and will work in a team of two. We’re collaborating this project with TongueOut and Jennifer Truong is leading this project. You can sign up in the link below and she will reach out to you.

Meals on Wheels – this project will require volunteers to pick up pre-packaged food from a central location in OC and distribute them to local seniors around your areas of choice. We will leave food in front door and no contact with these seniors. You can do it individually or with your family or in team of two with your close friends. https://www.mealsonwheelsamerica.org/

Food for the homeless – this project is to support City Net mission to provide emergency food to the homeless around Orange County & Riverside County. Please see the link below for food that they need us to prepare. https://www.citynet.org/meal-kits
If you can do it with your kids, please leave them in your front door and we can pick these up. Or you can donate, and we will do all the work for you. It is estimated about $10 per person and we’re looking to help 500+

We will create FB event for each project and will discuss all the logistics of this volunteering effort.

Maggie Holly: 714-458-4003
Hatien Nguyen: 714-884-0355
Amy Nitao: 714-363-6949
Theresa Nguyen: 714-276-5999

Calling All Tailors or Volunteers Who Can Sew Masks

Calling all tailors or volunteers who can sew masks. We are in need of a lot of masks for seniors & hospital workers. We had 4 local hospitals & several senior centers asking for homemade masks. We have the materials & even cut out (ready to sew) patterns. Thank you Theresa Nguyen & her friend!

Thank you so much to cô Thuỷ (70+ yrs old) (1st picture below) for sewing 70 masks for us in the last 2 days!

Thank you so much to chị Sương (2nd picture) for sewing 61 masks for us in the last 2 days as well!

Thank you chị Ngọc Hung Nguyen for shopping for materials and coordinating with these 2 amazing ladies to help us ❤️

Work-in-progress: Thank you so much to
Dr Krystal Hong Quyen Pham & her handsome son (Cinco) for volunteering to sew masks for us ❤️❤️❤️

Unfortunately, the masks shortage is a REAL problem! Many health workers have to re-use their masks for several weeks now and many seniors with health issues don’t have masks.

We were able to order 1000 masks from a store (thank you for the lead Quynh Nguyen) but supplies are limited😞. Thank you Amy Nitao for purchasing & will distribute them to the seniors.

NOTE: Cloth masks are far from an ideal solution but in desperation, it is considered something is better than nothing.

So if you can sew and can help, please let us know 🙏🙏🙏


Vietnamese New Year Gifts

The Vietnamese New Year will be on January 25th this year. Same as previous years, Tam Kỳ Project is planning to provide gifts for 200-300 families so they can celebrate New Year. We will provide presents costs about $13 (300,000 vnd) for each family which include 10 kg of rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, and a red envelope with a small amount of spending money.

There are many families still live below the poverty line and some with serious sickness and won’t be able to afford to celebrate the New Year.

Total project will be about $2,600 (for 200 families) or $3,900 (for 300 families).
Any amount of donation will be great appreciated as it will add up. Thank you so much for your support❤️

Cũng như mọi năm, cứ mỗi dịp Xuân về, mọi gia đình nô nức đón Tết vui vẻ, ấm cúng khang trang. Nhưng ở quanh địa bàn Quảng Nam yêu thương vẫn còn những mảnh đời bất hạnh, những hoàn cảnh nghèo khó, đau thương không dám mơ gì đến cái Tết.
Năm nay cũng như mọi năm ,Nhóm Tam Ky Project dự kiến trao 200 -300 xuất quà Tết cho bà con nghèo khó, neo đơn, mồ côi, bệnh tật ốm đau trên điạ bàn Quảng Nam. Mỗi xuất quà dự kiến trị giá 300,000 vnd. Qùa Tết gồm có 10kg gạo, Hạt Dưa, nước mắm, dầu ăn, và có thể một bao lì xì nhỏ.
Tết năm nay là ngày 25 tháng 1 nên Nhóm sẽ sắp xếp tặng quà trước ngày ni một hoặc hai tuần.

Nhân tiện mình xin kêu gọi quỹ đầu năm cho Nhóm. Mong cả nhà ủng hộ. Xin cám ơn mọi người rất nhiều❤️❤️❤️

Nếu các bạn ở Viet Nam muốn ủng hộ thì có thể gửi vô tài khoản dưới đây:

0104554818 ngân hàng đông á chi nhánh Quảng Nam, chủ tài khoản Thiều Khánh.

Distribution of 20 tons (40,000 lbs) of MannaPack Rice Packets

20 tons (40,000 lbs) of MannaPack Rice packets have been distributed to 1000 children in the highlands of Nam Tra My, Viet Nam. These children don’t normally have enough to eat. Their normal meal is just white rice & soy sauce or fish sauce so there are no nutrition. These rice packets come with all the needed vitamins to help kids fighting malnutrition.

Thank you so much to Han-Schneider for your very generous donation & partnership. They have been helping kids in Africa, Haiti and Cambodia. They are very excited to help kids in Viet Nam this year.

Tam Kỳ Project Just Finished Building A New Preschool

Truong Mau Giao Tra Cang

Tam Ky Project collaborated with Hope For Tomorrow to build a school in the highland of Nam Tra My (Tra Cang). Hope donated $11,557 and the school got the remaining funds from another source. You can see the “before” school in the first few pictures below. It was very challenging for these young kids as it is extremely hot in the summer and water get inside the classroom during raining season.

There are 47 kids at this school with ages about 5 yrs old. There are about 20 kids who have to hike with their parents each day on challenging mountain roads for an hour to get to the school. This new school will give them a proper place to rest at lunch time and they now can focus in learning instead of dealing with the heat or getting wet or cold from the rain.
#tamkyproject volunteers visited this new school and gave the kids treats to welcoming them back to school and to the brand new school.

The parents, teachers & kids were very excited to see the new school and wanted to pass on their sincere thank you to Hope for Tomorrow for making their dream come true.