Hành Trình Xanh – Trà Don, Nam Trà My 2016-04

Our team, Tam Ky Project, has collaborated with Team @ 7DayHero, @TongueOut coming from California & @CLB Nu Cuoi Hong from Da Nang, together the teams traveled for 6 hrs on bus through mountain roads and a long hike on a wet raining day to visit an elementary school in the highlands. We gave out toys to all the kids and presents to the poor families. TongueOut representing the students from Biola University and donated 10 portable fans to each classroom (the heat is brutal up there and they have no fans and of course no air conditioner currently) and they also donated a Water Filter System (the water is not clean there).
We also provided entertainment for the kids including clowns, magic shows and a concert. The kids definitely had an experience that they won’t be able to forget.

These kids are ranging from 6-11 yrs old. About 60 of these kids travel on foot for 3 hrs each day just to go to school and of course 3 hrs on the way home! The remaining 60 other kids have to stay at the dorm at school because their houses are much further…some has to travel up to 6 hrs on foot…one way!

Thank you all for donating to these charities so we are able to do many things like this.