COVID-19 Relief Effort

Dear friends & supporters,

In light of the devastating COVID-19 outbreak, Tam Ky Project had raised about $4,000 last week to help over 300 seniors and families who live below poverty line and being affected by Covid-19 in Quang Nam, Vietnam (many were due to job loss).

Now, we want to focus our effort on helping the seniors & the homeless here in Orange County.

Many seniors are terrified by this outbreak and feel isolated and many can’t afford food nor they can go to the stores. Some said they made it to the stores but there were no food left.

Many low-income families with young kids are living in motels or homeless shelters with limited food supplies and many of these parents recently lost jobs due to this pandemic including pregnant women with young kids.

They all rely heavily on local Food Banks to provide food and Food Banks are now low on supplies and asking for help with funding as well. We are teaming up with TongueOut charity, Dr Iggy Igette & a few other non-profit to fundraise for local Food Banks and homeless shelters.

In addition,we also want to fundraise for 200+ N95 masks (about $800-$1,000) to provide to our frontline health workers at local hospitals. There is a mass shortage of medical masks and many doctors and nurses that I know personally are reusing their masks and gloves.

If you would like to donate, please click donate button now. We also take Venmo or Zelle.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please see below for a few opportunities.

Please note that we take social distancing seriously so all volunteers will be guided accordingly to make sure we practice social distancing during volunteering service.

1. Face Masks making project. Amy Nitao is leading this project.
We’re seeking volunteers that can sew cloth masks and we will donate these to the local seniors. We’re planning to get the mask kits that being offered at Joann fabric stores. They offer classes that you can take online and do it at home so they are all CDC-compliant.

2. Food Distribution Project. Theresa Nguyen is leading this project.
Age requirement is between 18-62 yrs old.

Saddleback Church – this project will require 2 hrs of training. We will be distributing food to 350 seniors across Orange County and will work in a team of two. We’re collaborating this project with TongueOut and Jennifer Truong is leading this project. You can sign up in the link below and she will reach out to you.

Meals on Wheels – this project will require volunteers to pick up pre-packaged food from a central location in OC and distribute them to local seniors around your areas of choice. We will leave food in front door and no contact with these seniors. You can do it individually or with your family or in team of two with your close friends.

Food for the homeless – this project is to support City Net mission to provide emergency food to the homeless around Orange County & Riverside County. Please see the link below for food that they need us to prepare.
If you can do it with your kids, please leave them in your front door and we can pick these up. Or you can donate, and we will do all the work for you. It is estimated about $10 per person and we’re looking to help 500+

We will create FB event for each project and will discuss all the logistics of this volunteering effort.

Maggie Holly: 714-458-4003
Hatien Nguyen: 714-884-0355
Amy Nitao: 714-363-6949
Theresa Nguyen: 714-276-5999

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