Flood Relief

Dear friends & supporters of Tam Ky Project,

Quang Nam & the entire central region of Vietnam has been hit by severe flooding following torrential rains. They have been battered by downpours since Tuesday as a cold spell came in contact with tropical turbulence.
They expect a few other big tropical storms in the next few days. Central localities from Ha Tinh to Quang Ngai provinces should expect heavy rains of 330-400 mm a day until Sunday, according to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.
There could be 11-13 storms and tropical depressions forming over the East Sea this year, half of them hitting Vietnam, meteorologists have warned.

Many of these areas are currently submerged and many residential areas have been cut off without food or water.
Our volunteers are trying to find the safest way to get food & water to some areas in Quang Nam & Hue in the next few days.
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Thank you so much for your support

Volunteers had traveled back and forth for a total of almost 10 hours road trip yesterday started ‪at 5AM‬ from Tam Ky to Phu Loc, Thua Thien, Hue. We were able to help 200 families who have been held up inside their houses for up to 10 days without much food due to the recent Category 5 storm that flooded their town. Most of these houses were submerged for many days. We distributed to each family 10kg of rice, 1 bottle of fish sauce, 1 bottle of cooking oil and about $9 in cash so they can purchase some additional necessities. They were so happy and thankful to receive these practical items. Total cost for these gifts were ~$3,500.

In addition,
Liem Hoang & Hải Rôbe

also helped us to distribute gifts to another 30 families in Quang Dien, TT Hue. Total cost ~$450.

Thank you so much to all of our friends & donors who have donated to help with this mission. They are forecasting another big storm coming this weekend & several more in the horizon. So we will continue the relief effort early next week. We will have several more rounds of this effort and I will summarize the donation and expenses for this cause. Can’t thank you enough for your support.

( 10/19/20) Volunteers are getting ready to go to Quang Tri tomorrow. We will deliver 7 tons of rice and necessities to over 700 families there. Many roads are still not clear and a lot of planning involved to get the team there safely to help these unfortunate people. Will be 5hrs + road trip to get there and will need small boats/canoes to get to these houses.
Can’t thank you enough to our amazing volunteers & praying for their safety as well.
Two storms that hit central Vietnam in the first two weeks of October, Storm Linfa and Storm Nangka, brought six times higher than average rainfall, flooding 136,000 houses. A third cyclone is expected to hit the coast in the coming days.
Worst hit is Hue, Quang Tri & Quang Binh. Flood water continues to rise, swallowing up entire houses or burying them beneath landslides.
The situation is the worse that we’ve seen in many decades of suffering of natural disaster in this area.

( 10/20/20) Reporting live from the flood zone in Vinh Linh, Quang Tri!

volunteers (who are wearing the life jackets) have started early this morning and have been working non-stop moving food to local trucks and to these canoes as you can see in pictures & videos below. They have distributed food to over 400 families so far. Halfway there

(11/24/20 ) – FLOOD RELIEF EFFORT IN CENTRAL VIETNAM (Tra Tay, Tra Bong, Quang Ngai)

Tam Kỳ Project volunteers represented the “Trung Vuong Alumnae Association” (from So Cal, USA), to visit and distribute gifts to 300 families in Tra Tay, huyen Tra Bong, Quang Ngai. Each gift includes a big warm blanket (3kg), 10kg of rice, 1kg of dried fish, 1 liter of cooking oil, 1 liter of fish sauce, 1kg of sugar, and a raincoat. Each gift costs ~ $22, total of $6,600.

Tam Kỳ Project also donated $680 to fix the roof for a Kindergarten school in Tra Thanh, Quang Ngai. The school had lost the roof during the recent typhoon. (See the last 5 pictures below).

We also donated one ton of used & new clothes to these 300 families.

Quang Ngai was the eye of the Typhoon Molave in late of October. Thousands of houses & schools, etc had collapsed or had their roofs blown off. They do need a lot of help to rebuild.

Total cost for Part 9 Relief Effort was $7,280.

Thank you so much to Trung Vuong Alumnae Association for your generous donation of $7,025 for this cause.

  1. Chị Vũ Ngọc Diệp (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  2. Chị Lê Minh Thu Cúc (TV 61-68) $ 100.00
  3. Chị Vương Đỗ Mai Phương (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  4. Quỹ Tương Trợ TV 60-67 $ 200.00
  5. Chị Lê Thị Lộc (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  6. Chị Nguyễn Thị Khương (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  7. Chị Nguyễn Thị Phương (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  8. Chị Nguyễn Thị Phúc (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  9. Chị Lê Diễm (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  10. Chị Lê Minh Thu Cúc (đại diện cho TV 61-68) $ 300.00
  11. Chị Tạ Bích Hà (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  12. Chị Vũ Thị Bình (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  13. Chị Vũ Mai Khanh (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  14. Chị Nguyễn Khánh Linh (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  15. Chị Trần Tuyết Trinh (TV 68-74) $ 25.00
  16. Chị Nguyễn Võ Thị Thơ (TV 68-74) $ 100.00
  17. Chị Vũ Thị Khiêm (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  18. Chị Trần Thu Hương (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  19. Chị Nguyễn Thị Văn (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  20. Chị Trần Thị Vân Anh (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  21. Chị Phạm Kim Lệ (TV 59-66) $ 100.00
  22. Chị Nguyễn Hồng Tước (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  23. Chị Lê Minh Phú (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  24. Chị Nguyễn Thuý Hoà (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  25. Chị Lê Tuyết Anh (TV 65-72) $ 100.00
  26. Chị Lý Nguyễn Thu Vân (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  27. Chị Trần Kim Thoa (TV 64-71) $ 200.00
  28. Chị Phạm Thị Hà (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  29. Chị Lê Thị Huệ (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  30. Chị Lê Minh Hà (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  31. Chị Phạm Ngọc Dung (TV 55-62) $ 100.00
  32. Chị Nguyễn Thị Nhung (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  33. Chị Trần Ánh Vân (TV 60-67) $ 50.00
  34. Chị Mai Thùy Trang (TV 75-82) $ 100.00
  35. Chị Nguyễn Thúy San (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  36. Chị Trần Thị Hường (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  37. Chị Trần Diễm Khanh (TV 68-75) $ 100.00
  38. Chị Phạm Ngọc Dung (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  39. Chị Nghiêm Thị Hiếu (TV 55-62) $ 100.00
  40. Chị Dương Vân Thu (TV 53-60) $ 100.00
  41. Chị Tạ Minh Viên (TV 59-66) $ 100.00
  42. Chị Vũ Thị Ngọc Diệp (TV 67-74) $ 50.00
  43. Chị Nguyễn Vân Khánh (TV 60-67) $ 100.00
  44. GS TV Nguyễn Thị Đức $ 100.00
  45. GS TV Nguyễn Kim Dung $ 100.00
  46. Chị Lê Tuyết Mai (TV 58-59) $ 100.00
  47. Chị Nguyễn Kỳ Dung (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  48. Chị Đặng Mỹ Ngọc (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  49. Chị Lê Ánh Thu (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  50. Chị Hoàng Thiên Nga (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  51. Chị Nguyễn Quỳnh Vân (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  52. Chị Nguyễn Thanh Hà (TV) $ 100.00
  53. Chị Lê Chang (TV 64-71) $ 50.00
  54. Chị Bạch Mai Nguyễn (TV 59-66) $ 300.00
  55. Chị Mai Khanh Lê Ngọc Phú (TV) $ 100.00
  56. Chị Vũ Kim Chi (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  57. Chị Nguyễn Kỳ Hạnh (TV 55-62) $ 50.00
  58. Chị Trần Minh Hà (TV 58-65) $ 100.00
  59. Chị Lê Bích Thu (TV 57-63) $ 100.00
  60. Chị Nguyễn Thị Nguyệt (TV 59-66) $ 50.00
  61. Chị Nguyễn Phương Kim (TV54-61) $ 100.00
  62. Chị Huỳnh Hoàng Ánh (TV 64-71) $ 100.00
  63. Chị Vũ Bội Tú (TV) $ 100.00
  64. Chị Nguyễn Tuyết Trinh (TV 54-61) $ 100.00
  65. Chị Đồng thị Như Ý (TV 56-63) $ 100.00
  66. Chị Hoàng Lan Hoa (TV 66-73) $ 50.00
  67. Chị Vũ Bích Thủy (TV) $ 100.00
  68. Chị Đỗ Kim Toàn (TV) $ 100.00
  69. Chị Phạm Vân Bằng (TV 58-55) $ 100.00
  70. Anh Nguyễn Kim Chân (Thân Hữu-Lê Chang) $ 100.00

$ 7,025.00

TamKyProject volunteers had managed to put away their own flood issues at home and came together yesterday to deliver 200 boxes of instant noodles and 400 of water bottles to the 200 families of Tam Thang where it is suffered the most from the flood and most of the people here live below poverty line. Their houses are still covered in water so they had to use canoe to come out to this centralized area to receive food. They haven’t had food for couple days and so they really appreciate our help.

Thank you so much to everyone who have donated yesterday.

It costs about $500 to buy these items yesterday.

The volunteers will do another trip to deliver food to 200 more families tomorrow.

2nd day of Flood Relief effort in Quang Nam.
tamkyproject volunteers got up early this morning to transport & distribute instant noodles & water to 360 families in need.

3rd Day of flood relief in Quang Nam
tamkyproject volunteers have distributed additional food & water to 750 more families today. There are still many families with kids losing everything in this flood water. Their houses are still under water.

4thday of Flood Relief Effort in Quang Nam
tamkyproject volunteers visited and distributed foods and water to an additional 170 families.

Tamkyproject volunteers have distributed food and water to 200 more families who are being affected by the severe flood.

Tam Ky Project has completed our 4-day mission to provide food, water and rice to a total of 660 families who were heavily affected by the recent flood disaster in Quang Nam. Thank you so much to all of our friends who have donated to help with this mission. The report below show a break down of all the donation and our expenses. The remaining balance of $2,306 will be used for our next mission in the highland of Nam Tra My where the storm pretty much wiped out several villages so most of the survivors are moving to a new land and starting their lives over with just tents to live in for now. We will hopefully be helping these people to rebuild their lives somehow, possibly starting with setting up tents , providing dried food, some tools & necessities, clothes/warm blankets, etc. They are also planning to build a new school here for the kids (see pictures of the area below).

So far, there are about 110 families that settling to this new land and I was told that more to come in the coming days. We are hoping to go on this mission in the next week or so.

Day 1 of the Flood relief effort:
There are 18 people had died at this area including one family had 5 members were buried alive from the landslide. The people who were wearing white headband are the family who had members died from this disaster.

Day 2 of the Flood Relief effort in the north of Viet Nam (Đa Bac, Hoa Binh):

The team traveled a much tougher road today as you can see in the pictures below. It took them 5 hrs to get to where it would normally take less than an hour. Most of the roads are heavily damaged from this devastating storm.

The team passed out presents to 140 families including rice and clothes and snacks for kids.
The team also gave 2,000,000 vnd to 3 families and 900,000 vnd to 11 families who had a lot of damages to their houses.

Anonymous (CT) $50.00
Anonymous QGN) $50.00
Anonymous (PYN) $100.00
Anonymous (a friend’s family) $500.00
Anonymous (THB) $500.00
Anonymous (chi M) $22.00 (500,000 vnd)
Anonymous (J/L) $20.00
Ái Kiều Michelle $100.00
Annie VoVi $100.00
Bi Le $100.00
Cherry Berry( Linh Ho) $1,000.00
Cindy Bui $200.00
Diann Isgro & Rich Isgro $500.00
Hien Luu $44.00 (1,000.000 vnd)
Huong Ho $100.00
Kat Lindsey’s friend $400.00
Katherine Nguyen $100.00
Linh Lam $50.00
Lori Nguyen $1,000.00
NaNa & anh Hai $300.00
Ngoc Ho (VN) $500.00
Pauline Phan $100.00
Thao Thach Nguyen $100
Thanhthu Nguyen $500.00
Huynh Mai Nguyen $1,000.00
Tinh-trang T Nguyen $200.00
TongueOut/Dr. Iggy Igette $500.00
Truc Linh $200.00
Vi Tuong Dinh $50.00
Hoa Le $ 220 (5,000,000 vnd)
Lethuy Nguyen $150
Total $8,856
Paypal fees (donating via website) $(46)
TOTAL $8,810

Tam Ky Project & Trai Tim Quang Đức Nam Hong Nguyen has successfully completed our first mission to help the flood victims in Quang Binh, central Viet Nam.

I have reported our first day of the mission last week. We helped almost 300 families with rice & money and also provided blankets, mattresses , milk & treats to 350 elementary school kids.

The second day of the mission was a bit more rough & dangerous because our volunteers had to travel long hours on narrow & rough and wet mountain roads with some roads still had fierce running water as you can see from some of the video clips on my wall.

The team however arrived at Thuong Trach safely and delivered rice, salt, dry food and detergents (per their requests) to 610 families. The volunteers also went into the villages and visited a few special families with disabilities and gave them presents.

Thank you so much to all the donors who has helped to make this happen. Together, we have raised $15,397 including $5,277 from Gotcha fundraising event Quoc LeHung Ton LeTon Dung Le and $2,000 from the donors in Tam Ky, Viet Nam. You can see the detailed report in the pictures below.

After taking out the expenses for this mission ($10,113), we still have a balance of $5,284. There are still so many poor people being affected by this flood disaster, so we will continue to monitor, investigate and see where people needs help the most and we will help there so I will update you all with what we do with the remaining balance.

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