The Thank You Healthcare workers Meal Project

Tam Ky Project has just donated another delicious meal (A mix of Charbroiled beef, chicken & pork with veggies) to 115 healthcare workers from the Pharmacy & Oncology departments of CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange.

We’ve also donated 1,000 fabric masks & 300 face shields to them.

Thank you Pho Asian Grill in Santa Ana for making the yummy food and gave us a big discount!

Thank you to all donors for making this happened.

Thank you so much to Amy Nitao & Theresa Nguyen for picking up & delivering food.


Happy International Nurse Day!

Another meaningful night, on behalf of TamKy Project charity bringing gifts which were donated by BeBeauty and dinner cooked by the owner of Fluffie restaurant for all the ER Nurses at Children Hospital OC to celebrate International Nurse Day

Our first gift delivery to Moreno Valley at Covid Floor.

On, (4/14/20), Tam Ky Project donated a yummy lunch (caramelized pork & veggies, fruit & water) made by Ngoc Suong Restaurant, to 105 healthcare workers at the below two (2) hospitals:

Chapman Global Hospital: 65 people
Orange County Global Medical Center: 40 people

We also donated 1,000 masks to these 2 hospitals last week.

This is just a small gesture to say thank you to the doctors, nurses & all healthcare workers to be the heroes on the frontline of this pandemic. Most of them are overworked and forget to eat. These meals are not much but they really appreciate it as it helps to know that the community is thinking of them & supports them. It lifts up their spirit.

Please see clip below with thank you from John, represents both hospitals.

Thank you so much to Amy Nitao & Theresa Nguyen for picking up & delivery the food. Special thanks to Amy for managing this project.

If you want to sponsor a meal, it is only $6 per person. We will not only help the healthcare workers but we also help to support local restaurants during this challenging time.

You can donate on our website and note that its for hospitals meals.

Tam Ky Project đã ủng hộ 105 phần ăn trưa và gửi tặng bác sĩ , y tá và nhân viên tại
2 bệnh viện:

– Chapman Global Hospital: 65 phần
– Orange County Global Medical Center: 40 phần.

Thức ăn gồm có sườn Ram + Dua Chua, cam và 1 bình nước lọc.

Xin cám ơn các MTQ đã ủng hộ cho chương trình này. Nhiều nhân viên vì quá bận rộn với bệnh nhân covid nhiều khi quên cả ăn nên những phần ăn này rất có ý nghĩa & cho thêm động lực để họ tiếp tục chiến đấu với virus.


Tam Ky Project donated delicious dinners (Beef, veggies, salad & rice) made by Bleu Restaurant & Dancing Connie Nguyen, to 100 healthcare workers at the ER & ICU department at Riverside Community Hospital tonight.

We’ve also donated 1,000 fabric masks to them.

They are very appreciated of our gesture. Thank you to all donors for making this happened.

Thank you our amazing volunteers Amy Nitao Theresa Nguyen for picking up food & driving to Riverside.


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