Tam Kỳ Project Just Finished Building A New Preschool

Truong Mau Giao Tra Cang

Tam Ky Project collaborated with Hope For Tomorrow to build a school in the highland of Nam Tra My (Tra Cang). Hope donated $11,557 and the school got the remaining funds from another source. You can see the “before” school in the first few pictures below. It was very challenging for these young kids as it is extremely hot in the summer and water get inside the classroom during raining season.

There are 47 kids at this school with ages about 5 yrs old. There are about 20 kids who have to hike with their parents each day on challenging mountain roads for an hour to get to the school. This new school will give them a proper place to rest at lunch time and they now can focus in learning instead of dealing with the heat or getting wet or cold from the rain.
#tamkyproject volunteers visited this new school and gave the kids treats to welcoming them back to school and to the brand new school.

The parents, teachers & kids were very excited to see the new school and wanted to pass on their sincere thank you to Hope for Tomorrow for making their dream come true.