Annual Report 2018

Dear friends/donors/supporters of Tam Ky Project, Thank you so much for donating/ supporting Tam Ky Project (TKP) in the past five (5) years.

Your generous donation have helped us to accomplish so many meaningful projects/missions in Viet Nam. We report all donation and expenses for all of our projects on our Facebook page below. You can view all the donation and the breakdown of all the expenses since our inception in 2013 (under Files tab on our FB page) . You can check us out on our website at

Here are a few highlights of what we’ve done in 2018. We’ve had many projects on a regular basis so we can’t possibly list all projects/details here. However, you can follow us on our FB Page and get the updates on all projects as they happen.

1. For Vietnamese New Year, we visited 10 different provinces around Quang Nam and distributed food (rice, cooking oil, fish sauce and broth mix) to 352 families who live below poverty line including many have terminal diseases. Total cost $4,652.


2. Distributed money to 1000 poor patients who has cancer and other serious diseases. Total project $2,000 was sponsored by Elegant Nails LLC in Santa Fe, NM.


3. Built 5 houses and a dorm for people who were affected by severe flood in Nam Tra My. Total costs about $7,000. These were sponsored by Hope for Tomorrow ( and one house was sponsored by Lori Nguyen.


4. We provided water filter system, gas stove, TV and solar system and presents for 300 kids in Long Tuc & presents for 2 orphanages in the South of VN. Total costs $8,300 and all was sponsored by anh Duc & chi Thanhthu Nguyen & her family.


5. Built a small school in Tra Khe, Tay Tra, Quang Ngai for Kindergarteners for 25 kids.


Total cost $10,595 for one classroom, 1 bathroom, a room for the teacher to stay overnight, a gate, a security wall around the school because it is near a cliff and a cemented play area. We’ve raised most of the fund for this school from our fundraising event in May 2018 including $2000 from TongueOut, $1,000 from @Lisa Ngo & $1,000 from @kickin’ Crab in Buena Park (Truc LinhHuong Thuy SingerNguyen Cao Ky Duyen).


6. Built another school in Tra Xinh, Tay Tra, Quang Ngai also for Kindergarteners for 45 kids.


Total project costs $20,503 for two classrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a security fence around the school, a gate and a porch roof. (This is another project with Tongueout and they funded the whole project via donation from Kandy Kim and her family & friends).


7. Providing clean water for school of Tra Xinh because the kids were getting their water from the nearby creek and rain water. The well project costs $1,748 , someone has donated half of the cost so we only paid 50% of the cost. (Sponsored by Natalie Ton & Lan Tran).


8. Built two (2) Mobile English Libraries for students in need in Tam Ky. They were sponsored by Amy Nitao and her family.


9. For Mid-Autumn Festival, TKP volunteers brought the festivities to 575 kids who has never experienced these common activities before, including dragon dances and lanterns. We gave them treats, school supplies, lanterns and 8 bicyles for good academic students who can’t afford the bicycles but have to travel far for school. Total costs $1000.


10. Providing monthly scholarship to orphans or poor kids with special circumstances. $30 a month to sponsor a kid so they can continue their education. We were able to sponsor 15 orphans in 2018 (Total cost $5,000). (Bi Le & Sonny Son Kim Nguyen and twins (Shelby & Crystal) sponsored 4 kids in the last 2 years, Linh Lam & friends sponsored 2 kids, KD 1 kid, Susan Su 1 kid, Hoa Tran 1 kid).


11. Funded over 1000 jackets and treats for kids and rice for their families for this past cold winter in the highlands of Quang Ngai. Total costs about $5,000.


12. Contributed a $1000 to build a bridge in Tra Don (sponsored by Lori Nguyen).


13. Built a playground (indoor & outdoor) for kids in the highlands of Nam Tra My ($2,500) was sponsored by chị Tinh-trang T Nguyen.


14. On a regular basis, we visit and cook a hot meal for local orphanages, rehab center for kids with disabilities, a senior center, and a mental institution. Total costs for these events are about $5,000 for this year. (@Trang Quynh Le sponsors over $2000 a year).


Mission Trip July 2018
– Visited the kids at the two schools that we’ve built and donated toys cabinets, 2 water filter systems, blankets, pillows, beds, school tables, and presents for the families of the kids. Total costs $1400.
– Distributed school supplies to 100 kids in Tam Dan who live in poverty. Total costs $735.


– We brought 35 school kids from the highlands to the city for the first time. They are in 3rd -7th grade. They traveled on foot for 3 hrs to the school and the bus picked them up and traveled for another 5 hrs on the road to get to the city. We took them to the beach, visited local museum and amusement parks. First time for everything and they were all so grateful and amazed at everything. Total costs $1,057


– Visited and distributed scholarship to 10 orphans.
We also help (on a regular basis) many lone cases involving sudden accidents/deaths, sickness, people in trauma center and can’t afford to have surgeries, etc. We help the elderly or disabled people who live alone and have no family to help , orphans/kids with special circumstances, and many more.


We have a dedicated team that would go direct to these people’s houses and investigate to make sure these cases are for real before we come up with a plan to help them.


Tam Ky Project in California has also done many local projects here this year as you can see on our Page. We baked and cooked a yummy dinner for the families who have kids going through cancer treatments, Shoebox project to deliver gifts to over 150 kids around the world and volunteering at local food banks.

On behalf of Tam Ky Project, I would like to thank you all the donors/supporters/friends/volunteers and our Board of Directors/Board of Advisors Iggy IgetteElizabeth Ha DuongHa Tien NKrystal Hong Quyen PhamDanny DinhJeffrey BurnsJoanna SuJen Thanh Thao VinhJohn VanZandtBibi OngThuong N. Tran Pham Đình Ngọc@Jessie Quintana Kelly Ta for your great support. Thank you for an awesome year!