Annual Report 2022

Dear friends, donors, and supporters of Tam Ky Project, Thank you so much for donating & supporting Tam Kỳ Project in the past nine (9) years.

Thanks to your generosity, countless lives have been improved in the rural areas of Vietnam. In 2022, we raised a total of $193,149 comprising $127,831 in cash donations and an additional ~$65,318 in Gift-In-Kind Value for 20 tons of Manna Fortified rice packets.

In 2022, we celebrated significant achievements:

  • Empowered 2,000 children in 7 schools within Nam Giang, Quang Nam, with 20 tons of rice packets enriched with essential vitamins, valued at $65,318. The nutritious rice packets were exported from the port of Long Beach, CA to port of Da Nang, Vietnam.
  • Improved the lives of 1,000 villagers in Kon Tum,, Dakrong (Quang Tri), and Eatrol (Phu Yen) by installing three water filtering systems, providing clean water at a cost of $9,400.
  • Brought the gift of sight to 150 seniors through sponsored cataract surgeries, with the cost of $7,000.
  • Ensured the warmth and comfort of approximately 4,000 students in Quang Nam’s highlands during harsh winter months with the provision of warm jackets, totaling $16,837.
  • Provided vital support to 1,000 underprivileged families during Lunar New Year, distributing essential food items valued at $11,000.
  • Supported 15 deserving children with monthly scholarships, empowering them to pursue education with a contribution of $5,400.
  • Transformed lives by donating 316 wheelchairs to individuals with disabilities, promoting mobility, at a cost of $18,960.
  • Eased the daily commute of students in need by gifting 100 new bicycles, amounting to $6,000.
  • Spread joy and kindness by sending 200 shoeboxes filled with Christmas gifts to children in need worldwide, valued at $2,150.
  • Continued our regular initiatives, including providing meals to orphanages, rehab centers, and hospitals, as well as assisting individuals in dire circumstances, with a total contribution of $5,000.

We would like to recognize our top three donors in 2022:

Thanh Thu Nguyen & Duc Dang: $21,800
Pinkstraws/Denise Pham: $13,000
TongueOut/Dr. Dung Trinh: $9,170

Special thanks to our regular contributors:

  • Ly Nguyen & Sonny Son Nguyen and their daughters (Dr. Crystal & Dr. Shelby) for sponsoring monthly scholarships for 4 orphans over 6 years.
  • Nikki Dang for sponsoring 4 orphans since 2020.
  • Danny & Christine Phan for their quarterly contributions since 2018.
  • Dr. Diane Nguyen, Dr. Christine Hoang, Dr. Tony Nguyen, Dr. Theprangsy, and Vi Nguyen for sponsoring 4 orphans in the last 2 years.
  • Billy Doan for sponsoring 2 children with special circumstances in the last 2 years.

To all our donors, supporters, friends, volunteers, and Board of Directors/Advisors, we extend our sincerest thanks for your incredible support.

Every dollar contributed has made a profound impact, and we couldn’t have achieved this without all of you. Together, we’ve changed countless lives for the better!

With sincere gratitude, Tam Ky Project