Annual Report 2021

Dear friends/donors/supporters/volunteers of Tam Kỳ Project, Thank you so much for donating & supporting Tam Kỳ Project (TKP) in the past eight (8) years.

Your generous donation have helped to improve the quality of life for so many adults and kids in Viet Nam. We had raised over $200,000 in 2021 including $166,000 in cash and ~$50,000 gift-in-kind value for the 20 tons of Manna rice packets.

Here are a few highlights of our projects in 2021:

1. Distributed 20 tons of rice packets with needed vitamins to 2,000 kids in Nam Tra My, Quang Nam. Gift-in-Kind value $50,000.
2. Covid-Relief effort in Vietnam in 2021. Vietnam was experiencing its largest outbreak ever with over 1.2 million infections and 40,000 deaths. Vietnam had built over 30 field hospitals with 1,500 ICU beds and 30,000 non-ICU beds. When total cases reached several thousand per day, the government locked down Saigon and surrounding areas and Hanoi and started imposing a daily 6:00 pm curfew, no one could leave the city, and only emergency services were permitted to operate. The government also moved 10,000 troops into the city to enforce the lockdown and deliver food. But with a population of 9 million people, it wasn’t an easy task. There were hundred thousand of people who didn’t have food to eat. We were able to help with a couple of projects below:
  • Distributed food and necessities to over 4,000 people ($48,000)
  • Distributed over 15,000 N95 masks to field hospitals in need in Saigon and surrounding areas. The hospitals were desperate for these masks as there was a huge shortage of masks during this critical time. Gift-in-kind value $15,000
3. Provided Water filtering systems to 10 schools & villages in the highlands of Quang Nam & Quang Tri ($18,000). People in these rural mountain areas are often struggling to get water each day. They had to hike on a rough mountain road (an average of 30 minutes one way) to bring water home in small bottles and the water is highly polluted. We were able to build water wells with a filtering system so they could have clean water right in their village. The villagers and students are very excited and very thankful because this is a dream come true for them. Clean water will also help to prevent many deadly diseases that have been a huge problem for them.
4. Provided free cataract surgeries to 250 seniors in need who otherwise, would not have been able to afford this surgery. We sponsor the surgery fees, hospital staying fees for 3 days including 3 meals a day, and transportation fees from their rural town to the hospital in the city. They were very thankful to be able to see the world and their families again. The patients & their families will be forever thankful for this miracle ($12,113).
5. Provided warm jackets for 7,957 students in the highlands. The winter months are a harsh struggle for the people in the rural highlands of Vietnam, especially for young kids. The weather can be relentless and dangerous. These children suffer through the cold winters normally. They were so excited to be able to keep warm this past winter. ($16,500)
6. Food distribution for poverty relief. TKP volunteers visited 15 different provinces around Quang Nam and distributed food (rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, and broth mix) to 1,500 families who live below the poverty line including many who have terminal diseases. ($19,905)
7. Monetary gifts/red envelopes ($5,136) were distributed to over 500 cancer patients at Quang Nam hospital.
8. Provided monthly scholarships to orphans or children with special circumstances for $25-$30 a month so they can continue their education. We were able to sponsor 13 kids in need. ($4,722).
9. Provided 100 new wheelchairs to people with disabilities. Most of them do not have the ability to get around on their own and some had to drag themselves on dirt floors to get around the house. With the new mobility, they will not only be able to get around their own homes more easily, but they will be able to visit friends, and neighbors and rejoin the community. The wheelchairs donation is a life-changing event for the whole family. They are so touched and very thankful for this meaningful gift. ($5,225)
10. Provided 75 new bicycles for students in need. ($4,292)
11. Building a school in 2021 that was completed in early 2022. ($15,000 with the remaining $10,000 left to pay for the school construction in 2022)
12. Provided 200 shoeboxes filled with Christmas gifts for children in need around the world. ($3,000)
On a regular basis, we visit and cook hot meals for local orphanages, a rehab center for children with disabilities, senior centers, and local hospitals.
We also help many individual cases involving sudden accidents/deaths, sickness, people in the trauma centers who can’t afford to have surgeries, etc. We help the elderly or disabled people who live alone and have no family to help, orphans/kids with special circumstances, and many similar cases. ($5,000)
Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed and supported Tam Ky Project! Every dollar makes a difference! We would not have been able to help this many people without your support. You all have changed the lives of so many people!

We would like to recognize
our top 4 donors in 2021:

Excelerate Capital: $40,000
Thanh Thu Nguyen & Duc Dang: $17,900
Kandy Kim & Andy Quach: $14,100
Pinkstraws/Denise Pham: $12,900

Special thanks to the following regular contributors of the Tam Ky Project:

Ly Nguyen & Sonny Son Nguyen and their daughters (Dr. Crystal & Dr. Shelby) for sponsoring a monthly scholarship for four (4) orphans in the last 5 years!

Nikki Dang for sponsoring four (4) orphans since 2020.

Danny & Christine Phan for contributing quarterly donations since 2018.

Dr. Natalie Nasser & Dr. Phong Vuong for their generous donation and special thanks to their relatives for donating 10,000 N95 masks.

On behalf of the Tam Ky Project, I would like to thank all of the donors/supporters/volunteers, and our Board of Directors/Board of Advisors for your amazing support!