Annual Report 2016

Dear friends/donors/supporters of Tam Ky Project, Thank you so much for donating/ supporting our charity in the past three (3) years.

Your generous donation has helped us to accomplish many meaningful missions. We report all donation and expenses for all of our projects on our facebook page. You can check us out on our website at You also can follow us on Instagram

Here are a few highlights of what we had done in 2016. We’ve done so many projects each month if not each week/day so I can’t list all projects/details. However, you can follow us on our FB Page and get the details and the breakdown of all the expenses since our inception in 2013 (under Files tab on our page).

1. In light of Vietnamese New Year in Feb of 2016, we provided for about 300 families who live in poverty with presents including rice, cooking oil, a box of instant noodle, fish sauce and seasoning powder and a red envelope(~$2,500).


We gave red envelopes of total 14,100,000 vnd (~$620) to over 100 poor patients at local hospitals including Children’s Hospital.


2. On a regular basis, we visit and cook a hot meal for local orphanages, senior center, and mental health institution. And a few times a year, we also take the orphans out for a day to eat, shop and be entertained at the local amusement park like what normal kids do. They all yearn for love and affection more than anything else so we will continue to bring them love.( Costs about ~ $500 per event).


3. Built a cover for a playground at a local orphanage (over 100 kids here) ($1,000)


4. Provided brand new bicycles, uniforms & school supplies for poor students. We also provided dictionary books, uniforms and supplies to kids who attending free English lessons at local schools that being offered to poor kids. (~1,500)


5. Visited a school in the highland in Tam Tra, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam and gave out presents to 314 poor kids, 200 school uniforms and celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with them. (~$900)


6. In April 2016, Tam Ky Project, has collaborated with Team @TongueOut coming from California ,traveled for 6 hrs on bus through mountain roads and a long hike on a wet raining day to visit an elementary school in the highlands. We gave out toys to over 100 kids and presents to 20 families who live in poverty. TongueOut donated 10 portable fans to each classroom and a Water Filter System. We also provided entertainment for the kids including clowns, magic shows and a concert. The kids definitely had an experience that they won’t be able to forget. Kids are in the age range 6-11 yrs old who live in one room at the school all week and come home on Friday afternoon. (~$1,000)


7. We were able to provide two (2) brand new gas stove system to two (2) schools in the highland, to replace their wood burning stoves. These gas stoves save them many hours of cooking per day and they don’t have to inhale the poisonous smoke anymore. Each of the system costs about $2,000. But we also visited with the kids and gave them treats and we also gave them free haircut in July when Diann and I were there.


8. Visit and provide nutrition milk to cancer patients at local hospital on a monthly basis.


9. Tam Ky Project has collaborated with Tongueout to help a blind center in Phu Ninh, Tam Ky. They have over 100 blind adults gathering at this center to make a living by making toothpicks, brooms, and now offering massage service.


We donated one (1) water heating system, two (2) air conditioning system and a steamed machine for the massage room for their new massage service center to hope making enough money to support themselves. Total is about $1100.


10. We provide monthly monetary support to several orphans who lost parents suddenly and can’t support themselves through school/colleges. We normally provide support for a year and we will review their situation after a year to determine whether or not they still need help from us. Their grades also need to be at an acceptable level to continue receiving our support.
11. This past October, we’re able to raise over $15,000 to help the flood victims in the Central VN. We collaborated with Trai Tim Quang Duc and together we’ve helped about 2000 families who being affected by the severe flood in central Viet Nam.


We also help (on a regular basis) many lone cases involving sudden accidents/deaths, sickness, people in trauma center and can’t afford to have surgeries, etc. We’ve saved many lives for helping these people in time. We also help the elderly or disabled people who live alone and have no family to help , kids being abused by their own parents, and many more. We have a dedicated team that would go direct to these people’s houses and investigate to make sure these cases are real before we hand them the money to help.


Tam Ky Project in California has also done many local projects here this year as you can see on our Page. We cooked for the families who has kids going through cancer treatments on Thanksgiving Day, we adopted 4 families and fulfill their wish list for Christmas and helped to deliver gifts to many other unfortunate families in Santa Ana area. Thank you so much to all the volunteers on these projects!


Special thanks to our long term partner Trai Tim Quang Duc Nam CT Nguyen and TongueOut Iggy Igette for your great partnership in this past year! Looking forward to another great partnership in 2017!


Last but not least, a big thank you to all the hard working volunteers in Tam Ky who has donated their time and labor to all of our projects including some very tough ones such as traveling more than 8 hours on rough roads and braving the dangerous water during the flood rescue attempt couple months ago. We really can’t do all these wonderful projects without them. I am truly blessed to be able to work with such a great team! Thank you!

On behalf of Tam Ky Project, I would like to thank you all the donors/supporters/friends/volunteers and our Board of Directors/Board of Advisors and wishing everyone a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year. Cheers to 2017!