Clean Water - Nam Tra My

Clean Water - Nam Tra My

Thank you so much to Lori Nguyen & Mike Thompson, Chairman of Excelerate Capital for sponsoring this meaningful water project below. They’ve donated $5,000 to Tam Ky Project to bring clean water to a rural village in the  mountain region of Cheng Tong, Nam Tra My, Vietnam. There are about 500 people live here and they’re part of the minority ethnic group called Sedang.

Previously, their source of water came from a river that is over a mile away and water were very polluted and drying up during the summer. You can see in some pictures below that kids had to collect water on a daily basis with these small containers.

The villagers were suffering from dehydration and diseases from lack of clean water. It was  a desperate situation here a month ago. They’ve already tried to dig 4 different water wells but still couldn’t find any water source. They’ve almost given up and wanted to move to a new area but it is not easy to move the whole village.

We were able to hire contractors to build a sophisticated  water system with over a mile  long of pipes being laid down to bring clean water across the river to this village. They also built two (2) large water containers with gravity taps.

The villagers are overjoyed and celebrating that they now not only have clean water to drink but they can also cook and clean. It is a dream come true for them!

In addition to this water project, Excelerate Capital has also donated farming tools to each of the 44 families which includes shovels, machete, hand sickle, axe, hoe and wheelbarrow.

Thank you so much to Excelerate Capital for your partnership and for helping so many unfortunate people in Vietnam in the last few years through Tam Ky Project.