Test Annual Report

Dear friends/donors/supporters of Tam Ky Project, Thank you so much for donating & supporting Tam Kỳ Project (TKP) in the past seven (7) years.

Your generous donation have helped to improve the quality of life for so many adults and kids in Viet Nam. We had raised $164,000 in 2020 and had executed so many meaningful projects . You can follow our FB Page and see the updates on all projects as they happen.

Here are a few highlights of our projects in 2020:


PROJECTS in Vietnam:


1. Construction projects: ($6,000)
– Built 2 water wells to bring clean water for over 400 kids in the highland of Quang Ngai & Built a porch cover for a school in Tra Xinh.
– Funded 2 water filtration system for over 500 kids in the highlands so they can have clean water to drink and eat.
– Built a kitchen for a school in Tra Thanh. This is a rural school in the mountain and they used to have to cook outside and had to set up a tent to cook when it rained so they are very thankful to have a real kitchen to cook meals for kids. Kids live at school all week so teachers have to cook three meals a day for them.


2. Free eyes surgeries to bring sight back for over 500 people in the mountain area of Quang Nam. ($12,000). These people live in poverty and would never be able to afford the surgery if not for us sponsoring them. We sponsor the surgery fees, hospital staying fees including 3 meals a day and transportation fees from their rural town to the hospital in the city. They’re very thankful to be able to see the faces of their loved ones again.


3. Food distribution in light of Lunar New Year ($9,200). TKP volunteers visited 10 different provinces around Quang Nam and distributed food (rice, cooking oil, fish sauce and broth mix) to over 1,000 families who live below poverty line including many have terminal diseases. We also distributed to 500 families in the South of Vietnam.


4. Monetary gift/red envelopes ($6,154) were distributed to over 1,000 cancer patients at Quang Nam hospital during Lunar New Year.


5. Food Distribution for Covid Relief effort (3 rounds of virus resurgence) ($12,000). We were able to distribute food & necessities to over 1,000 families in Quang Nam area.


6. Flood Relief Effort in October 2020 ($63,000). TKP volunteers have visited and distributed food and necessities to over 3,000 families from different provinces in central of Vietnam. Most of these people had lost everything during the flood and were submerged in water for over 10 days without food and drinks.


7. Warm jackets project ($6,000). Provided warm jackets to over 2000 kids in the highlands of Quang Ngai & Kon Tum.


8. Provided monthly scholarship to orphans or children with special circumstances for $25-$30 a month so they can continue their education. We were able to sponsor 10 orphans in 2020 (Total cost $3,100).


9. On a regular basis, we visit and cook a hot meal for local orphanages, rehab center for children with disabilities, a senior center, and local hospitals. ($3,000)


10. We also help many individual cases involving sudden accidents/deaths, sickness, people in trauma center and can’t afford to have surgeries, etc. We help the elderly or disabled people who live alone and have no family to help , orphans/kids with special circumstances, and many similar cases.




Masks Project: $6,966
Tam Ky Project has donated over 30,000 masks including 5,000 of surgical masks and over 25,000 of fabric masks to over 100 organizations including 62 hospitals, over 30 nursing homes (not all listed) , various groceries stores, police departments, homeless shelter and local temples. We’ve also shipped masks to several hospitals in Texas, Idaho, Colorado and 15 hospitals in New York & New Jersey and remaining are for all hospitals crossed California.
We also donated 1500 faceshields, 3535 bottles of sanitizers to local hospitals. And 15,000 gloves to hospitals and nursing homes.


Meals to Hospitals: $2,631
Provided 500 meals to frontline workers at local hospitals in Orange County during Covid-19 breakout.
Homeless project: $3,469
Donated 1600 emergency meal kits, 2000 gloves, waters, 10 gallons of rubbing alcohol to The Courtyard Transitional Center in Santa Ana and Anaheim Emergency Motel Shelter for people with Covid 19 symtoms.
On Easter, donated pizzas, water bottles, chips, banana, protein bars to 250 homeless kids and adults and the Link in Santa Ana & the Bridge in Anaheim Shelter. $10 Mcdonald gift cards & Easter treats bags to 21 kids there.
Donated 200lbs of ham to Mary’s kitchen for the homeless


Village of Hope: $2000
Donated diapers, formulas, female hygiene to Orange Rescue Mission/Village of Hope for babies, kids and women who came from abused homes.


Seniors Project: $1,345
To provide a month of fresh produce and dried/canned food to 50 seniors who live alone with financial difficulties in Orange County.


Scarves/blankets/Clothes : (over $10,000 in value)
We’ve donated over 2,000 scarves/blankets/clothes to 10 different centers including local senior centers/shelters/Village of Hope.

On behalf of Tam Ky Project, I would like to thank you to all the donors/supporters/friends/volunteers and our Board of Directors/Board of Advisors Iggy IgetteHa Tien N Amy NitaoJohn VanZandtBibi OngPhong VuongNatalie Yvonne NasserJen Thanh ThaoElizabeth Ha DuongDanny Dinh @Lori Nguyen Thuong N. TranKrystal Hong Quyen PhamPham Đình NgọcJoanna SuJessie N Shannon QuintanaKat LindsaySteve WilburnTheresa Nguyen for your amazing support!

Special thanks to the following sponsors for their great contribution:


Chi Thanhthu Nguyen & anh Duc Dang $17,000
Chi Denise Pham/@Pinkstraws $14,000
Lori Nguyen/Excelerate Capital $11,200
Trung Vuong Alumnae Associate $7,025;
Linh LamMylinh LamKhanh Linh Lam families/friends $5,000+
Amy Nitao & families & friends $5,000
Kelly Ta $4,000
Tongueout $3,750
Natalie Ton & bac Viviene Dinh & friends $3,000
Trang Quynh Le & friends/families $3,000
Tiffany Nguyen & company $2,000
Lac Lam/Mimi Lam/Elegant Nails LLC $2,700
Hong Dang $1,900
Hung Nguyen (chi Ngoc) & friends $2,000
Charles Song Nguyen & Lien Doan Chi Lang $2,000+
Dr Diane Nguyen & friends: $2,000+
Bi Le &@Sonny Son Kim Nguyen and their twins (Dr Crystal & Dr Shelby) for sponsoring monthly scholarship for 4 orphans in the last 4 years!
Nikki Dang for sponsoring 4 orphans started in August 2020.
And to everyone else who have contributed and supported Tam Ky Project, thank you so much! Every dollar makes a difference! You all have changed lives for so many unfortunate people!