The Gift of Sight

The Gift of Sight 2021

The Gift of Sight program provides free cataract surgery to patients who lack insurance and are legally blind due to cataracts. Tam Ky Project has been giving the gift of sights to thousands of people in the last five years. The patients are generous older and live below poverty line  in rural highlands areas of Vietnam and will never be able to afford the surgery. With only $50, we can help each of these seniors to see their families and the world again! This includes surgery fees, prescription for post-surgery, transportation fees (pick up & drop off which is typically couple hrs drive), food & drinks for 3 days at the hospital.

In the most recent mission in 2019 (pre-pandemic), we had a total of about 1000 patients came for screening and only 375 patients were qualified to do the surgeries. They were blind from cataracts and other diseases. Some were only able to see light  or darkness and now, they got their vision back 20/20. Some said they had been listening to the voices of their kids & new grandkids and imagining what the grandkids might look like but now they are so overwhelmed with emotion that they can see what their  grandkids actually look like. It is a dream come true for them all.

These seniors  were so excited and very thankful to have their vision back.

Needless to say, this is a very meaningful project that Tam Ky Project is very passionate about helping each year. We are hoping to bring sight back for at least 100 or more  seniors each year for only $50 per patient.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this project.